The United States economy must be stimulated and strengthened by policies that enable our businesses to operate at maximum potential in a system that provides economic opportunity for all Americans. I am strongly in favor of removing as many punitive regulations on our small businesses as possible, as well as continuing the policy of reduced corporate and income taxes. Small businesses are the biggest job creators in America, and they must be able to use their time and capital to hire and pay workers decent wages as opposed to focusing on regulatory compliance. Since last year’s regulatory rollbacks began, the federal government has saved billions of dollars in regulatory costs. Not only does cutting unnecessary bureaucratic red tape allow businesses to operate more freely, it also incentivizes them to operate and manufacture in the United States, instead of outsourcing to another country. On top of these business friendly practices, it is also imperative the that United States rearrange our unfair trade deals with foreign nations in order to reduce our lopsided deficits and allow our manufacturers to benefit from exporting all over the globe.
On top of the regulatory rollbacks, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has had a phenomenal effect on our economy. Reduced corporate and income taxes have led to job growth throughout the nation with rising wages, which has created increasingly high consumer confidence. While all of this is excellent, it must be noted that due to California’s incredibly high state taxes, businesses and individuals have not been able to reap the full benefits of the recent tax cuts. I look forward to working with local legislators to advocate for policies that call for economic prosperity for all citizens.

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