Since the installment of the Affordable Care Act, we have seen a government monopoly over the healthcare industry creating a limited number of plans available for individuals and families. By removing the array of options for the consumer, there is less competition between insurance companies, and this has caused premiums to skyrocket in a dramatic way. Not only have insurance plans and premiums become negatively affected due to the ACA plans, but the quality of medical care provided has gone down as well.
After repealing the ACA, we must be sure to keep excessive red tape and government interference out of the healthcare industry. We must allow the health insurance market to operate freely and allow for competition between insurance companies throughout the nation, providing consumers a variety of plans with prices that have been driven down to be much more affordable for all Americans. By creating interstate competition, expanding tax exemptions for health savings accounts, reducing medicaid overutilization, and repealing the McCarran Ferguson Act which allows for insurance companies to price-fix and avoid antitrust laws, we can provide access to quality healthcare for all Americans.

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