Providing an opportunity to people from around the world to legally immigrate to the USA is one of the things that makes our country great. So many of our great American citizens are individuals who immigrated here to achieve a better life for them and their families, and while we need to continue to provide these opportunities, the system in which we enforce our immigration laws must be significantly reevaluated. We have reached a point where there are millions of people who are living in this country illegally and are benefiting from programs that are paid for by American taxpayer dollars. In fact, the state of California alone has an expenditure of over 25 billion dollars per year on undocumented residents. I believe that those who have been long-term, tax-paying residents in the United States with no criminal history deserve a path to citizenship to live as proud Americans. Before this can be addressed, we must secure our border. A physical barrier, along with a significant presence of security personnel, are extremely necessary to not only curb illegal entries, but also the trafficking of drugs, weapons, and children. On top of securing our borders, we must end sanctuary cities and allow federal immigration laws to be enforced nationwide. It is absurd that we allow for violent felons who have been deported several times for their crimes to reside in the cities in which we are raising our children. These current practices are unfair to those who went through the process and immigrated to our country legally. The southern California community is rich in immigrants, and we can assist these families and provide them with opportunities for prosperity by comprehensively reforming our broken immigration system and strictly enforcing our laws.

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