Israel, which recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of its rebirth earlier this year, is one of our country’s most reliable allies. It is also a bastion of democracy and tolerance in a region notorious for the lack of both. Our founding stories are similar: both the US and Israel were established by refugees escaping European persecution. The guiding values of the two countries and the solid bonds between their peoples strengthen the common interests they have in achieving peace and stability in the Middle East. I believe that the security and prosperity of Israel is both in the interest of the United States and of the region as a whole, including its majority Arab inhabitants. Many of our Arab allies are at already at peace with Israel and are increasing their cooperation with it because they realize that it is in their national interest to do so. In addition to Jordan and Egypt, this trend seems to be spreading to other pivotal states in the region such as Saudi Arabia and the smaller states of the Persian Gulf. When the United States collaborates with Israel via military defense and various business ventures, we are enabling both countries to advocate for global peace and stimulate our economies, while also contributing to some of the most incredible technological innovations the world has ever seen. Just a few of these innovations include the Iron Dome missile defense system, leading water desalination methods, advancements in cyber security, and environmentally friendly business practices.
Israel’s enemies in the region are also the self-declared enemies of the US, from the designated terror group Hamas in the south, to the designated terror group Hezbollah in the north. Hamas, which maintains an oppressive grip on Gaza, uses the captive population there as a human shield and a propaganda asset against both Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Iran, the #1 state sponsor of terrorism in the world today, finances and enables both Hamas and Hezbollah. The unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel is so vital for global peace and prosperity, and I look forward to positively contributing to this relationship.

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