It is unfortunate that we live in a world with a constant existential threat of terrorism. I am confident that we will see a day where the United States plays a role in eliminating this fear for our future generations. In regards to designated terror organizations such as the Islamic State, I am in favor of the United States cooperating with our allies to use our superior military capabilities to strategically destroy the physical presence of ISIS and other radical Islamic terror organizations, while putting emphasis on keeping our soldiers as safe as possible. World peace is also threatened by rogue states that express hostility towards the United States and our allies, and it is imperative that maximum pressure and deterrence from our top diplomats be exerted to emphasize the potential consequences of threatening America and its citizens. While I am in favor of the United States providing asylum and refuge to those in need, it is imperative that it is done on a careful and limited basis, so our agencies can enforce extreme vetting on each individual entering our country. The safety and interests of the American people must be the top priority!

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