As we approach such an important election for our country, I am running to be your next US Congressman, and to provide the citizens of California’s 32nd district with a choice. In my opinion, providing a choice to the American people is absolutely vital to the integrity of our democracy. In order to do so, I entered the primary less than one month before election day, and after receiving enough votes to make the top two, I will be on the ballot in the general election as the Republican nominee, and the youngest congressional candidate in the nation. By voting for Joshua Scott, you are voting for someone who will always fight for the USA and its amazing people.

A quick personal history:

Having grown up as a proud American patriot in southern California to a diverse family, I always saw myself as someone who would be perfect to represent the people of this amazing region. I have always strongly believed in citizen participation, and I am absolutely honored to have the opportunity to embark on my civic virtue by pursuing federal office.

I am young, energetic, and ready to bring my enthusiasm to a means of serving my country. I have had the incredible experience of working in international affairs in the state of Israel. The knowledge, wisdom, and culture that I took from this endeavor have bolstered my ambition to strive for peace as a US Congressman, both at home and abroad. These enlightening ventures were preluded by an amazing education at California State University, Long Beach, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science, and spent several years working in the legal field, which has sharpened my grasp of the necessary policies to keep America strong. I am not a politician. I am a native to Los Angeles County, and such a special and unique place to grow up has contributed to me being a strong American patriot that wants to bring citizen representation to Washington D.C. So many of us are disgruntled with the current affairs of the United States Legislative Branch. Blind partisanship, which caters only to the special interests and their big money, is the current state of affairs. As an independent person, I firmly believe it is not only possible, but absolutely necessary that we work together for solutions that will benefit and unite our country.

– Joshua Scott